Charlie Webster is a beautiful young man. He enjoys meats, travel and low level crime. Webster has being doing the comedy for 2.5 years. He has no quotes no fans and no awards. He lost everything in a small fire in his home. Please help him rebuild his life.



The first time I saw Charlie Webster perform will stay with me forever I think. His brand of comedy is one of the most daring and inventive that I have ever had the pleasure to witness as he combines bizarre storytelling with a physical performance that really draws you in. A lot of people make me laugh but this guy made me ache with laughter. I think you'd have to see him for yourself to really get what he does and if you don't then it really is your loss. I hope he gets the credit he deserves. - via Chortle forum
He's a bloody funny bloke with a highly original style. He has a mix of vulnerability and rage reminiscent of Johnny Vegas, with a magnificently surreal edge. Very funny. - via Chortle forum