Semple calls on his experiences as a soldier, drawing comic relief from some of the most high intensity situations of the recent Gulf conflict. He turns potentially terrifying situations into hilarious material for his work as a comedian mark Martin Semple as a genuinely unique and hugely talented member of the stand-up comedy circuit.


"Cracking tales told from a unique and refreshing perspective. He has confidence in droves and justifiably so as Martin is a new act definitely worth keeping an eye on" - 

Martin is a serving soldier in the British Army but pursuing a career in comedy. I am sure you will agree its a natural progression in life!

He takes you on roller coaster journeys through his failings in life, although he is only 26 he has been a professional football then failed, attempted to be a thespian then failed and then joined the Army. 

As well as his hilarious anecdotes he works in some improvised pieces of banter with his audiences with his cheeky chappy personality.

His comfortable style of story telling while reacting to the audience



came across as very polished without losing its edge.

" He had some good solid lines, well presented material and turned in a fine performance that was in my opinion, far more robust than I thought someone of his age and relative level of experience was capable of delivering. - ANDRE KING

Kelly Rowlands quoted, "never laughed so much before going to an interview. Really funny, what do you do for a living?"

Rolf Harris - "Ill take an autograph, please make it out to my Grandson, Rolf"