Laugh Kingston Target

So... What’s our Target?

We want to give £5,000 to Love Kingston!

Last year, we only raised £1,000 (After costs). From a standing start, with absolutely no budget, income from advertising and John Gower’s pocket, we think we can do better with a little support from the local community. We want to generate £16,500, and after event costs all proceeds will be donated to Love Kingston.

Our target donation is £5,000. Around £10,000 is needed for Marketing Material such as Flyers, Posters, Roller Banners, Local Advertising and the rest is Hiring PA systems, and for some quality acts. We hope you can join in, support an awesome local community charity and be part of the second official 

What do we need money for?

Publishing 30,000 comedy festival Guides to be distributed to some homes in Kingston, and public areas. This year we will be distributing into surrounding towns which will include Richmond, Surbiton, New Malden and Tolworth. (Thanks to Omni Local). 

Printing 300 A3 & some A2 Posters which will put in the public areas around Kingston. We will be printing 20,000 leaflets which distributed around the Kingston Areas, handed out some High Street locations by volunteers and over 90 distribution points in and around Kingston. 

-Roller banners for each venue with details of the acts

-Beer Mats

-10 Large and long vinyl banners put up around the town center

-Finally, equipment such as PA systems general expenses, such as petrol and general running around.


What's in it for you?

A warm fuzzy feeling? - No Seriously, getting involved in a locally run charity event like this really can help your business within the area we all trade in. Far too many people spend money online, and too often with people who are not part of the community or offer any return to where we live.

Your help will have a positive impact within the local 

community and raise your profile in Kingston. We have a wide range of ways you can support us. We have several packages, (which we think) supports every kind of budget and business. Even if you don’t have the budget, you can support us with just a £1.00 donation. Just take a look at:

By offering your support, you could also benefit from some of the rewards we are offering: Shout Outs, Logos on Posters/Flyers/Roller Banners/Vinyl Panels, Any Show or Freedom Tickets, Logos on Limited edition Beer Mats, Signed Posters, and a listing on the Kingston Comedy Festival Website.

Please share our link with your friends to help us reach our target:

Pleeeease? :)