WildCard Comedy Events

Wild Card Events is a London based comedy and events agency. We're passionate knowledgeable and have access to hundreds of top acts of various different styles and tones and are absolutely confident we can find the right ones for you.

Working with us you can expect a structured and logical process - we ask a lot of questions at the start to avoid a lot of problems at the end. 

Dan Adams worked in PR, Journalism and Event Management for 10 years and has 6 years  of  stand-up comedy under his belt, including two succesful Edinburgh shows. Dan has excellent contacts and knowledge of hundreds comedians, agents and venue managers accross the UK. 

Andy Wales has extensive experience of working in commercial sport clubs and established members clubs specialising in sponsorship, events and ops management. Through this Andy developed projects and solutions for professional rugby, sports and leisure clubs.

Wild Card Comedy Contact

Dan Adams

Tel. 07841 596 629

Email. Dan@wildcardcomedy.co.uk

Web. www.wildcardcomedy.co.uk