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Omni- Local

Omni Local is a quality FREE local A5 glossy magazine which is published every month and distributed FREE to 30000 residencies in Kingston-Upon-Thames and surrounding areas. We also distribute over 15000 copies every month to key outlets such as hotels, hospitals, doctors and dental surgeries, clubs, bars, restaurants, museums and theatres, libraries, galleries, record stores and car repair outlets. The total readership of Omni Local is an estimated average of around 100000.

Omni Local Contact

John Gower Tel: 07898 870 870 Email: 





The Big Local App is a mobile app developed for local communities. It is a dedicated local resource directory bringing together businesses, offers, local news, events and information to provide real value to users in a way that national directories do not.

This local directory will provide listings for organisations and companies trading in their local areas.Its emphasis is on catering for, and building interest and pride in, the local community.

Each 'featured' business / organisation becomes an important facet of the app, bringing fresh, up-to-date information, that is often unique to the app: so it's more than a business listing and it's a great reason for users to keep exploring local content.


- Up-to-date local headlines, council and tourist information provides further reason for users to open and interact with the app: whether they are searching for local event information, Council contact details, or entertainment news

- Find local businesses, such as pubs, shops, restaurants, hotels and taxis via a simple few taps

- Using your GPS, the app will also let you search by distance from your location and provide maps and directions

- Special offers

- Local RSS feeds including: BBC local feeds sees local community news take centre-stage with up-to-date headlines on the app's home screen.